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Hd Tv Bias Lighting

Hd Tv Bias Lighting

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The soundscience HDTV bias lighting makes it easy to outfit your HDTV with professional backlighting. Bias lighting is an illumination technique for reducing eye fatigue and increasing perceived image clarity during long gaming sessions and extended periods of computer use. The HDTV bias lighting adds a subtle white backlight to your HDTV, reducing the eyestrain caused by differences in picture brightness from scene changes in movies, TV shows and video games. The color and brightness of the LEDs are carefully calibrated to achieve the optimal viewing experience. Bias lighting also increases your HDTV's perceived contrast ratio - making blacks blacker and colors more vibrant. Installation is easy - simply attach the LED strip to the back of your HDTV and insert the USB plug into an open USB port on your HDTV or powered USB hub. HDTV bias lighting complements any HDTV up to 60" in size.